PA Summer Camp Jobs at Tyler Hill Camp

General Counselors

We place 2-3 General Counselors and 1-2 Specialty Counselors in each bunk. As a General Counselor, you will not only sleep in the bunk with your campers, but you will spend each day participating in all general camp activities –- from meals to sports activities or even just hanging out during the downtime. We believe that in order to be an effective General Counselor, you'll need the following qualities: patience, compassion, fairness, great listening and communication skills and the ability to relate to kids. It is always helpful, though not a pre-requisite, that you have some prior experience working with kids.

Specialty Counselors

You also live in the bunk with the campers and have major general bunk responsibilities. It is very important to understand that every staff member is first and foremost a general counselor, and serves as a role model for their campers. However, once the daily activities begin each morning, specialists report to their area of specialty. The head specialist will provide guidance and training to ensure each specialist performs to the best of his/her ability. Applicants must demonstrate a strong aptitude in their specialty area and must have relevant experience teaching/coaching children.


    Softball, Baseball, Basketball,Soccer, Golf, Tennis, Roller Hockey, Lacrosse, Cheerleading


    Swim Instructors - WSI's and Lifeguards
    Boating Specialist – Canoeing, Sailing and Kayaking
    Waterskiing Specialist – Waterskiing and Wakeboarding

    Arts & Crafts

    Candle Making, Ceramics, Macrame, Model Making, Rocketry, Painting, Drawing, Stained Glass, Pillow Making, Tie-Dye and T-Shirt Design, Mask Making, Woodworking, Cooking and Painting

    Outdoor Adventure

    Camp Outs, Ropes Course, Pioneering and Mountain Biking

    Creative Arts

    Theatre, Dance, Guitar, Piano, Drums, Voice, Web Design, Rock Band, Media Arts/Video-making, Photography, Newspaper/Blogging


    Gymnastics, Aerobics, Dance, Zumba, Yoga and Spinning

Specialty Area Director

You will lead, teach, supervise and ensure the overall safety of the specialty area. Applicants must demonstrate significant experience teaching/coaching in the specialty area, as well as the ability to train and supervise a group of assistants. We require our Directors to be able to work autonomously, developing their own program within our camps' philosophy. Although in some cases you may not live in a bunk, we follow a team approach and all work together to ensure the highest quality program and camp experience.

Support Service Staff

Support Service Staff work behind the scenes to ensure camp is running smoothly, working in the Kitchen, in Housekeeping, on the Maintenance/Security Crew or Office Staff. A Support Service Staff member lives in a bunk with a group of other Support Service Staff. During a Support Service Staff member’s down time they may take advantage of the camp’s facilities and are encouraged to actively participate in camp life. Applicants must demonstrate a strong aptitude in their specific area.

    Maintenance/Security Crew

    Basic carpentry, electrical, automotive and landscaping skills. The ability to make repairs & learn on the job is essential.

    Kitchen Crew

    Will actively participate in all aspects of food service at Camp: set up, prep, serving and clean up.

    Housekeeping/Laundry Crew

    Keeps the public buildings and bathrooms clean. Provides porter service for all bunks. All camp towels and sheets are laundered by the Housekeeping Crew.

    Office Crew

    Answers phones, talks to prospective and current camper’s parents, sorts mail and assists programming and Web Staff.


    Must hold a valid driver’s license. Drives campers to medical appointments, picks up prescriptions and does light shopping and errand running.

Health Center Staff

Tyler Hill Camp has three nurses and a doctor on staff. The Health Center must be covered at all times and all Health Center staff is available for each med call (after breakfast, lunch and dinner.) Each nurse is on duty two nights a week. All LPN’s and RN’s must be State Licensed. Good communication skills are essential, as interacting with parents is a large part of the nurse’s role.

The TLC Family
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With endless possibilities and beautiful surroundings, Tyler Hill Camp offers a great alternative to your typical conference setting. We have vast experience in hosting private parties, reunions, weekend retreats, corporate picnics and sports camps and we look forward to accommodating your organizations needs and goals.

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