Frequently Asked Questions for Staff

Do I need to see a doctor before I come to camp?
All staff members MUST complete and send in a Health Form and undergo a physical exam prior to camp. No staff members are permitted on camp without this. Staff members are entitled to use the services of the camp’s Health Center at no charge while at camp. If you find yourself in need of prescription medications, we will be happy to front you the money and deduct it from your end of year salary. The camp maintains a full-time health services staff including a licensed physician and 6 registered nurses.
How do we eat in the dining room?
Counselors sit with their campers and are expected to supervise while in the Dining Hall. Counselors also serve as waiter/waitresses for their own campers at each meal. We serve our food family style and have a salad bar with a wide variety of choices. While the menu has been developed to satisfy children, there are plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and considerations are made for those on vegetarian and other diets. No food may be taken out of the Dining Hall and no food is permitted in the bunks.
Do we need to bring towels and linens?
We provide towels, sheets, pillows and blankets at no charge, though most campers and many counselors prefer to bring their own.
Do we need additional health insurance?
Staff members are covered under the Pennsylvania Workman’s Compensation Law for injuries sustained while on the job or in the performance of one’s duties. Any activity not sanctioned by the camp, which causes injury, will be at the expense of the employee. Staff members should carry their own comprehensive health insurance for any non-work related injuries or illnesses. International staff members coming through CCUSA or Camp America are covered by the private insurance provided by the sponsoring agency.
What is the correct mailing address?
Your Name Tyler Hill Camp 1017 Cochecton Turnpike Tyler Hill, PA 18469
How many staff members work at Tyler Hill?
We employ about 200 in-bunk counselors and specialists and about 50 support staff that work in housekeeping, kitchen, maintenance, security and the office. In addition, we have approximately 45 supervisory staff in camp. The camp population (and staff population) is evenly divided between boys and girls. Counselor staff age ranges from 19 and 24 years old. The average age is about 21.
Where does the staff come from?
Tyler Hill attracts staff from all over the world. While most of our staff is from North America, we do have several specialists joining us from Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.
Will I have access to the internet?
We have several computers for staff use, located in Wayne Hall. Internet access is available to you all day and evening (during your time off!) until curfew at 12:30am. You do not have to bring your own laptop.
What is “Staff Orientation”?
Staff orientation takes place the week prior to camp and every counselor is required to be there from start to finish. Orientation is very structured and includes fun get-to-know-you activities, games, team building and lots of training. Most important, you’ll meet and get to know all of the other counselors and staff members that will become like your summer family. Additionally, you’ll learn your way around camp, you’ll become very familiar with our Tyler Hill daily program and you’ll learn the most important “skills” of being a counselor. We’ll bring in team-building specialists, child psychologists and loads of years of experience to help you get ready for your summer at Tyler Hill. Bring your energy and your smiling face and we’ll do the rest to make sure the week is informative and a blast!!
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