Meet Our Directors

Andy & Wendy Siegel, our full-time Owners/Directors, have an extensive background in summer camping. Having been campers, counselors, division leaders and ultimately head counselors at camps in Michigan and West Virginia, Andy and Wendy have experienced the full range of what camp has to offer. All three of their daughters are full-time campers at THC, so they really understand how it feels to be camp parents! Most importantly, Andy and Wendy consider all of their Tyler Hill campers and counselors to be their second family.

During the winter months, they work together in the office staying in contact with parents, campers and returning staff while also spending a great deal of time interviewing and hiring new staff members for the following summer.

Andy brings to camp a large capacity to have fun, and ensures that each camper at Tyler Hill feels like he or she is the only camper at our camp. He spends his days and nights at camp working with campers and their families, guaranteeing that their needs and expectations are being met.

Wendy spends her summers as THC's "camp mom," a role that allows her to take care of our campers while also maintaining close ties with their parents. She does everything from clip campers' fingernails to lead campfires and her passion for Tyler Hill is evident from the minute that you meet her. Her Bachelor's Degree in Education and Masters Degree in Social Work provide her the base to give her all to each and every one of our campers.

Andy & Wendy serve together on the Board of SCOPE (Summer Camp Opportunities Program), an organization that funds "camperships" for children in need to attend not-for-profit sleep-away camps in the tri-state area, thus providing the benefits of a safe, well-supervised and enriching summer camp experience. Andy also sits on the Board of the American Camp Association.

Meet Our Associate Directors

Michael and Deanna Davidowitz

Michael Davidowitz is Tyler Hill's full-time Associate Director. He started at Tyler Hill as a 9 year-old camper and made his way from camper to counselor, and ultimately to Associate Director. He knew from the day he first entered the gates of Tyler Hill that he wanted to be there forever. Upon graduating from the University of Maryland…his dream came true, and he began working year-round at Tyler Hill.

Michael adds an incredible sense of spirit, warmth and fun to everyone and everything at Tyler Hill. Whether he's running our Sunday Night Football program, teaching new campers how to play his infamous "Davido-ball" game, emceeing a full-camp evening activity or just making sure all campers are laughing and feeling good, in a positive and safe camp environment, Michael is an icon at THC. During the winter months, Michael works in our office communicating with parents, hiring staff, planning trips, and guaranteeing that our summer programming is fresh and unique. There is nothing that Michael WON'T do to ensure the happiness of each THC camper! Michael is involved with the American Camp Association and currently serves on the EPIC (Emerging Professionals In Camping) board and is proud to support SCOPE.

Michael married his camp sweetheart and soulmate Deanna. Deanna is bright, warm, passionate and engaging. In the summer she is the Girls' Head Counselor for Tyler Hill. She knows each of the campers and counselors on a personal level, and brings fun and nurturing to THC. She is available to campers and staff, and supports them in making and keeping long lasting bonds and friendships. During the winter months, Deanna is a pre-kindergarten teacher at North Shore Day School, providing youngsters with creative and exciting educational and learning experiences.

This "Dynamic Duo" helps to create the perfect environment for Tyler Hill Camp, its' campers, and staff. They appreciate each child as an individual and feel lucky that the children are a huge part of their lives.

Bette Jane Weisenthal, our Associate Director on Girls Campus, has been attending sleepaway camp since she was four years old. Bette came to Tyler Hill in 1979 and has held positions as a Division Leader, Theatre Director and Girls Head Counselor. Her passion for camping is evident in everything she does and her goal each summer is always the same: Bette wants each and every camper to be in a safe and nurturing environment that creates wonderful memories. Bette recently retired after 20 years of teaching in the Great Neck Public Schools. She has two children of her own who grew up at Tyler Hill, as well as five grandchildren who are also part of the THC family.

Our Staff

The key to your child's great summer camp experience has everything to do with the quality of the staff. At Tyler Hill, we adhere to a simple formula: we want the BEST staff, at the BEST pay, trained to do the BEST JOB. With a 1:2 staff to camper ratio, we work to ensure the best possible care, instruction and supervision for our campers.

Tyler Hill's staff salaries are the highest in the industry, ensuring a wider pool of quality applicants (college sophomores start at a $2,500 base). Our full-year training program, which employs the services of top psychologists and experts in the child development field, provides our staff with the proper tools to work with campers to achieve our goals of building relationships and enhancing self-esteem.

Our in-bunk general counselors are chosen based on a succession of interviews, references and background checks. Our specialty counselors go through the same screening process, and are also all professionals in their fields. Our lead instructors come from winter jobs at esteemed private schools, universities and athletic facilities.

Additionally, Tyler Hill counselors are formally evaluated by their supervisors throughout the summer and are eligible to earn an additional $600 in cash bonuses. This Evaluation Program has evolved over the years and is one of the reasons that our staff members grow and thrive so much throughout the summer. And, by the way, this means NO TIPPING for parents on Visiting Day or at any other time of the summer.

Meet Some of Our Staff

The TLC Family
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Let Us Host Your Next Event

With endless possibilities and beautiful surroundings, Tyler Hill Camp offers a great alternative to your typical conference setting. We have vast experience in hosting private parties, reunions, weekend retreats, corporate picnics and sports camps and we look forward to accommodating your organizations needs and goals.

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